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DictaNet App

DictaNet App - kostenlose Diktiersoftware für Ihr Smartphone.

Professionell mit Android, iPad oder iPhone diktieren. Versenden an DictaNet 1, DictaNet Office oder die DictaNet Online Spracherkennung.

Mann mit Akte diktiert ins Smartphone
Diktieren mit Spracherkennung

DictaNet Online-Spracherkennung

Speech to text von unterwegs: Mit der DictaNet Online-Spracherkennung können Sie Ihre Diktate direkt vom iOS- oder Android-Mobilgerät zur Umwandlung in ein Textdokument an den Spracherkennungsserver senden. Diese Option können Sie 30 Tage lang kostenlos testen, danach zahlen Sie nur 19 Euro im Monat.

DictaNet Office Dictation Software

DictaNet Office is optimized for the
Dictation workflow in the office.

The dictation software DictaNet Recorder can be used with dictation hardware from the leading manufacturers Philips, Grundig and Olympus. 

Also use Sclip and the DictaNet App for the data exchange of voice messages, dictation and documents.

Dictation in the office
DictaNet Office Player

DictaNet Player

Writing software with convenient dictation management. 

Write dictations from digital voice recorders and the DictaNet App.

Use a USB footswitch or the DictaNet Keyboard Automation.

DictaNet Speech Recognition

Write more
efficient dictation

Your employees achieve more when the software automatically creates the text.

Reduce costs and increase productivity through voice recognition – perfectly integrated in DictaNet Office.

DictaNet Speech Recognition
Foreground speech recognition

Foreground speech recognition
creates the text

Even using touch typing, speech recognition software is always faster.

This is particularly impressive when using foreground speech recognition. This converts the spoken word to written text right in front of you.

Now you can do corrections and formatting - and the document is finished.

Background Speech Recognition

Background speech recognition
Assistance achieves more

Using background speech recognition, the language only changes to written text on your assistant’s PC.

You can focus on the speaking, the correction is done as usual by your assistant.

Smartphone with DictaNet App in front of a laptop

Online Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition now mobile

With Online Speech Recognition, you can convert recordings into text on-site.

Secure transmission by end-to-end encryption of voice recordings and converted text.

Universally applicable, for e-mails, expert opinions, interviews or articles etc.

Access directly from DictaNet App, DictaNet 1 or DictaNet Office.